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Zürich Herbaria

Important collections of the herbarium ZSS


The herbarium of the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection at present numbers some 28'800 permanently conserved specimens of succulent plants from all over the world. The primary emphasis is on (in order of diminishing importance) the families Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae (Apocynaceae - Asclepioideae), Aloaceae and Portulacaceae, but all other families with succulent members are also represented. Geographically the main focus lies in the arid and semi-arid regions of Africa, Madagascar and the Americas.

Important collections are from:

K.Alpinar, E.A.Anderson, P.R.O. Bally, U.Bischofberger, S.Brack, P.J.Braun, S. Collenette, A.Donikyan, U. Eggli, N. Gerloff, R. Gruber, H. 't Hart, R. Hillmann, A. Hofer, S. Hofstätter, L. Horst (Horst & Uebelmann), H.-J. Jucker, R. Kiesling, K. Knize, D. Labhart, A. B. Lau, J. J. Lavranos, B. E. Leuenberger, L. C. Leach, J. van Loon, J. Lüthy, J. E. Madsen, N. Martinez, R. Nyffeler, J. Piltz, D. C. H. Plowes, W. Rauh, W. Rausch, W. Reppenhagen, F. Ritter, H. Rogozinski, W. Röösli, H. Ruoff, E. Specks, D. J. Supthut, H. Swoboda, N. P. Taylor, W. Uebelmann (Horst & Uebelmann).

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