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Zürich Herbaria

Vascular plants

The collection of vascular plants of the United Herbaria Z + ZT counts around 2.4 million records. The geographical focus of the collection is on Central Europe and the Alpine region. Important collections also come from earlier research trips to southern Africa (H. Schinz, UZH, H. Hess, ETHZ), New Caledonia (A.U. Däniker and his followers) and South America (F. Markgraf, UZH, C.D.K. Cook, UZH). Current research projects are provided by collections from South Africa (Prof. H.P. Linder), South America (Dr. C. Hughes, Dr. M. Kessler) and the Alpine area (PD. Dr. R. Nyffeler).


The oldest collections are found in the herbaria of J.J. Scheuchzer (1672-1733), J. Scheuchzer (1684-1738), J. Gessner (1709-1790), and J.J. Hegetschweiler (1789 - 1839). The herbaria of J.J. Bremi (1791 - 1859) and O. Heer (1809 - 1883) further belong to the earliest records of our collections.


The digitisation of vascular plants has a high priority at the United Herbaria Z + ZT. We are currently working on the electronic compilation of all records of the family Cruciferae (Brassicaceae).


Curators of vascular plants:

Reto Nyffeler (direction) und  Alessia Guggisberg


Important collections of vascular plants come from:

O. Appert (Madagascar), J. Arechavaleta (South America), M. Baumann-Bodenheim (New Caledonia), W. Becker (genus Viola), G. Bocquet (Mediterranean area), A.U. Däniker (New Caledonia), K. Dinter (South Africa), B.W. Geilinger (Central Africa), J. Gessner, O. Heer (Alpine region), J. Hegetschweiler (Alpine region), T. von Heldreich (Greece), H. Hürlimann (New Caledonia), R. Keller (Switzerland, genus Rosa), A.J. Kerner von Marilaun (Alpine region), W.D.J. Koch (Central Europe), K. U. Kramer (ferns and vascular plants worldwide), W. Lüdi (Switzerland), F. Markgraf (Brasil, Turkey), I. Markgraf-Dannenberg (genus Festuca), G. Meyer (Bolivia), E. Müller (Central Europe), J. Müller Argoviensis (Euphorbiaceae), E. Oberholzer (ferns, genus Rubus), M. Rautanen (Namibia), K.H. Rechinger (Asia), E.A. Regel (Europe), A. Rehmann (Namibia), H.G. Reichenbach (Orchidaceae), M.A. Rickli (Central Europe), J.J. Römer (Central Europe), E.A. Rübel (Central Europe), U.A. de Salis-Marschlins (Central Europe, Corsica), J.J. Scheuchzer (Central Europe), W. Schibler (Switzerland), H. Schinz (Namibia, Switzerland), F.R.R. Schlechter (Africa), H.-J.E. Schlieben (East Afrika), E. Schmid (Central Europe), H. Siegfried (Switzerland), H.U. Stauffer (Switzerland, Pacific area), A.F. Stolz (East Africa), E. Sulger-Büel (Switzerland), A. Thellung (Switzerland), A. Volkart (Central Europe), E. Werdermann (South America), F.O. Wolf (Switzerland, in particular Valais), A. Wulfhorst (Angola), G.A. Zenker (Africa), E. Zogg (ferns).

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